Welcome to benholmesart.com. I am an artist born of Yorkshire, now living in Donegal, Ireland. Have a look at my work here, and feel free to leave a comment.

My recent work is inspired by the land and sea of the Inishowen Peninsula of Donegal, Ireland. The ever changing environment that surrounds me providing a sense of peace through its rural setting, whilst the wild Atlantic coastline offers an edgy unpredictability. I am often driven to convey a sense of movement and rhythm, influenced as much by my passion for music as the rugged landscape and sea that stirs me. I paint subjects that move me, but ultimately I want my work to connect with others, and to communicate a sense of creation and possibility.

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below slide show photos

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    • Thank you so much Melissa. My work is often based on drawings produced outside, photos are also used as reference, the finished painting is normally produced in studio comfort! I should like to produce some paintings entirely on location in the future though. I haven’t held any work shops as yet, but I should certainly consider it if the opportunity presented itself. Thanks again for your words.

  1. Just stunning work Ben. Every new painting develops your style beautifully. Really looking forward to seeing what you create next.

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