Fort Dunree

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Fort Dunree final image

Fort Dunree (Irish: An Dún Riabhach, meaning “Grey Fort” or Dún Fhraoigh meaning “Fort of Heather”) is a coastal defence fortification located on the west side of the Inishowen peninsula, Ireland. Originally built as a Royal Navy position during the Napoleonic Wars, the fort is located on a rocky promontory accessed over a natural fissure.
As the Fort has a look as if it were carved from the rocky coast line, it appears in this painting as if were formed out of the abstract fauna that makes up some of the foreground.

This work is for sale and can be purchased framed as seen in the image below. Limited edition prints are also available on request. Please message here for information.

Framed Dunree face on

View at Milford

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View at Milford

I was commissioned to paint this view of Milford, Donegal as it was the view from my client’s home house where she grew up. I had to tread the line between putting my own stamp on it whilst keeping the essence of a scene that obviously meant a great deal to the client. I had fun with the rough overgrown grass in the foreground, the challenge was depicting the forest area at the bottom of the mountain.

This work is sold but limited edition prints are available on request. Please message here for information.

Beatle John

John Lennon

It’s 50 years since The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper, I’ve been absorbing some documentaries about the album, so I made this digital sketch of John Lennon from that era. When I was a teenager and first became aware of Sgt Pepper, its psychedelic imagery was the coolest thing ever. These days I’m probably more into the moustaches.